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Florida BP Oil Spill Claims

Seeking Maximum Compensation for Damages

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill left a slew of short-term and long-term damages for local residents, local businesses, tourists, and the environment. Since the fiery explosion onboard the offshore drilling rig on April 20, 2010 that released 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, nearly 40% of the nation's wetlands have been severely affected and irreparably damaged.

The spill caused extensive damage to wildlife and marine habitats and to the fishing and tourism industries along the Gulf. The amount of the shoreline that was affected by the spill grew to upwards of 320 miles in November 2010, and oil spill commissioners have reported that tar balls continue to wash up and crude oil still lies offshore in deep water. After an internal probe and other external investigations by the government, BP has admitted that it made mistakes that led to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and they have established a $20 billion fund to compensation victims of the spill.

If you have been adversely affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, you may be eligible for compensation under the Economic & Property Damages Settlement. This settlement includes people, businesses and other entities in certain counties in Florida that were harmed by the oil spill, and provides compensation for certain economic loss and property damage. There is a lot at stake when you submit a claim to the Court-Supervised Settlement Program, and many are seeking recovery for businesses that they have devoted their entire lives to. Taking advantage of the compensation offered through this settlement requires the help of someone who has legal insight into the settlement process. Instead of hiring a non-attorney professional who claims to be a "claim consultant" or "public adjuster", you should entrust your case to a law firm that has been included one of the top law firms in all of Florida by the nationally-recognized U.S. News and Best Lawyers.

Oil Spill Lawyers with a History of Success

Here at Givens, Givens & Sparks, our lawyers are fully committed to helping individuals and businesses recover the financial compensation they need and deserve. We bring more than 110 years of collective legal experience to assist with your claim, and we know what it takes to be successful both in and out of court. Our lead attorney, Stann Givens, has been included on the list of Florida's Super Lawyers® every year since 2006, which is an honor given to less than 5% of attorneys for demonstrating outstanding legal service.

Our firm has handled a number of oil spill claims on the behalf of clients throughout Florida, and we are intimately acquainted with the legal process and the specific information that is required. We provide personalized representation and counsel for every one of our clients, and we devote time and attention to fully understanding your goals and expectations.

About the Economic & Property Damages Settlement

Since the Deepwater Horizon disaster, BP has created a settlement program to provide financial compensation for those who have suffered economic losses. While there is no actual limit to the amount of financial compensation that may be awarded under the settlement, recovering the full amount that you need may be difficult. There are certain requirements that one must meet in order to qualify as an Economic Class Member, and filing a claim can be confusing. Only certain types of businesses will qualify for compensation under the Economic & Property Damages Settlement, and bodily injury claims or claims by BP shareholders will not qualify under this settlement class. To learn more about who's eligible, talk to a Florida oil spill attorney at our firm today.

Help from an Experienced Florida Oil Spill Lawyer

Here at Givens, Givens & Sparks, we understand what is at stake for you and your family. Many BP settlement claimants are trying to recover the businesses and careers that were washed away in the wake of the oil spill, and putting a life back together after such a tremendous disaster is no easy task. Our firm is uniquely qualified to help, and we possess an intimate understanding of the settlement process and the laws that surround these claims.

While the BP settlement is aimed at trying to help you, it can be difficult to understand the process involved and many do not take full advantage of the settlement that is offered. The claims process can be tedious and time consuming, and our lawyers will be working beside you every step of the way to assure that all of your case will run as smoothly and effectively as possible. Contact our firm today to learn about the many ways that we can serve you.

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